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Perseverance Defines Us
United Through Trials

Family, Dedication, Service

For the past 30 years I have been married to my wife, Tina. We met while both employed with the Gwinnett County Police Department. With the mutual experience of working in law enforcement we had a profound understanding of the sacrifices and stresses associated with this career. Nine days prior to our scheduled wedding, I was severely injured in an officer involved shooting. After being released from ICU, but still admitted to the hospital, we settled into our new normal of rehab and recovery. Surrounded by, and with the blessings of family, friends and our law enforcement family, we were married in my hospital room. Our marriage has remained strong even with our unconventional beginning. Since that fateful day, we have been blessed many times over. With the best blessings of all being our beautiful blended family. With our four children, their spouses, and eleven cherished grandchildren, we have a constant reminder of the power of love and resilience.

Planting Roots in Walton County

Commitment to Community

In 2017, Walton County became the clear choice where we decided to build our home and continue our lives. By 2019, our home was more than a mere building, it represented a bond with a community that welcomed us with friendship. This decision to come to Walton County was not just about location; it was about investing in a community with values that were in line with our beliefs. Our Walton County home is more than just bricks and mortar. It is a location where memories are made through the laughter of our grandchildren and the love of our family and friends.

Truly Home in Walton
Perseverance Defines Us
United Through Trials

Family, Dedication, Service

My career currently spans 37-years of active law enforcement that started in the City of Atlanta Police Department as a patrol officer assigned to the Zone 6 precinct. During my employment I gained invaluable experience relating to cultural diversity, community policing principles and developing written and verbal communication skills. My time with the APD laid a foundation of training and knowledge that follows me to this day.

During the late 1980’s, there was explosive growth in Gwinnett County, allowing an opportunity for a career move. At that time, the Gwinnett County Police Department provided young officers an opportunity to expand their knowledge base, training, and promotions into supervisory positions.

While employed with the Gwinnett Police Department, I had the honor of working as a tactical officer on SWAT, and EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal). This allowed the opportunity to work in several deployments as a member of the Metropolitan Atlanta Bomb Team. These included working during the 1994 Super Bowl, 1996 Olympic and Para-Olympic Games and multiple mutual aid situations. As my career with Gwinnett Police grew, I had assignments in the Narcotics Unit and the Office of Professional Standards.

Being recruited to the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office in 1999 provided additional opportunities for career growth. My initial assignment within the Sheriff’s newly formed “Professional Standards Division” was to supervise the “Backgrounds Unit” and conduct investigations of employee misconduct allegations and policy compliance issues.

Leading to my retirement in 2021, I held supervisory positions within the Administrative Division, Field Operation Division and Detention Division. During these assignments I held the ranks of Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain and Assistant Chief Deputy.

My years with the Gwinnett Sheriff’s Office allowed me to observe how a County Sheriff’s Office is an integral part of every county’s law enforcement presence, with specific Georgia Constitutional Requirements. The Office of Sheriff for each county holds the unique responsibility of being the focal point and chief law enforcement presence in their region. If elected, I will not take this appointment lightly.

The sense of duty and service that was instilled in me during my early years in this profession still burns brightly. The oaths taken as a Marine in 1983 and as a police officer on April 15, 1986, still resonate as strongly now as they did then. My sense of service to the community continues.

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